Rong Zhang


Rong Zhang is an emergingChinese Womenswear Fashion Designer. An Internationally recognized line of Women start at 2016. The line has been recognized onVogue Italy, Vogue British, Modern Weekly, Rion, The Editorial QC, Volant, Shuba, Laffaire Magazine...

Rong’s collection is defined by its  artistic fusionof craftsmanship, modern femininity, and youth culture influences with a sense of refined ease.Its unique design aesthetic engages the label to show on-schedule during Midwest Fashion Week,FashionX Runway Austin, London ‘1ndependent15’Design Exhibition, Victorian and Albert Museumand Costume Colloquium V Exhibition.

In the past accolades have included the Platinum A' Design Award Winnerfor Fashion, Apparel and Garment Design Category in A' Design Award & Competition(2018), 'Arts of Fashion Competition' Award(2017), ‘The top 15 Designer for Tomorrow’ Award (2015). 


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